*FF Track List* Last Updated: 6-20-09
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Track 1- Kingdom Hearts 2 -passion
Track 2- Final Fantasy X2 -1000 words
Track 3- Final Fantasy XII -Rest
Track 4- Final Fantasy XII -Loop demo
Track 5-Final Fantasy XII -The Dream
Track 6- Final Fantasy XII -White Room
Track 7- Final Fantasy IV -Celtic Moon-Rydia
Track 8- Final Fantasy VII -Aeriths Theme
Track 9- Final Fantasy VII -Life Stream
Track 10- Final Fantasy X - Start
Track 11- Final Fantasy X - Fantasy
Track 12- Final Fantasy X -Guadsalam
Track 13- Final Fantasy XII -The Mosphoran
Track 14- Final Fantasy XII kiss Me Goodbye
Track 15- Jolin Tsai - Du Zhan Shen Hua
Track 16- Jolin Tsai- Hao Xiang Ni
Track 17- The Crow -Believe In Angels
Track 18- The Crow - City of Angels - I'll Wait For You
Track 19- Zhuo Wen Xuan & Gary
Track 20- One Winged Angel
Track 21- Song of Prayer Spira
Track 22- Real Emotion
Track 23- The Sight of Spira
Track 24- Final Fantasy IX Melodies Of Life Final Fantasy
Track 25- Final Fantasy IX Vamo' alla flamenco
Track 26- Final Fantasy IX Jesters Of The Moon
Track 27- Final Fantasy IX Aloha de Chocobo
Track 28- Final Fantasy IX Song Of Memories
Track 29- Final Fantasy IX Sleepless City Treno
Track 30- Castlevania Symphony of the Night -I am the wind
Track 31- Final Fantasy VIII -Eyes On Me
Track 32- Simple And Clean
Track 33- Prelude
Track 34- (Wanderer of Time)-FFVI-Tina
Track 35- The One Who Succeeds The Crystal
Track 36- Final Fantasy - 01 - Liberi Fatali
Track 37- Final Fantasy - 03 - Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
Track 38- Final Fantasy - 11 - The Oath
Track 39- Final Fantasy - Aeris's Theme (Arranged Version)
Track 40- kelly Sweet Now we are free
Track 41- Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit
Track 42- Redd- Already Over Pt 2
Track 43- Redd- Pieces
Track 44- Final Fantasy VI -Terra In Black
Track 45- Quiet Drive - Time After Time
Track 46- The Rasmus - In The Shadows
Track 47- F12 Hitoshi Sakimoto - White Room
Track 48- FF7 AC-Nobuo - Kiss Me GoodBye
Track 49- FF7 AC-Nobuo - End Credits
Track 50- FF7 AC-Nobuo - Divinity
Track 51- FF9 -Never Alone
Track 52- FF7 -Cosmo Canyon
Track 53- Starting Theme X-2
Track 54- Starting Theme X
Track 55- Cry Little Sister
Track 56- Robyn- Underneath the Heart
Track 57- Emma Bunton- Something So Beautiful
Track 58- Staind- So Far Away
Track 59- Spice Girls- 2 Become 1
Track 60- Enigma- Gravity Of Love
Track 61- Evanescense- Bring me to life
Track 62- Creed- Higher
Track 63- Creed- My Sacrafice
Track 64- 30 Seconds to mars- From Yesterday
Track 65- Cascada- Truly Madly Deeply
Track 66- Aero Smith - I don't want to miss a thing
Track 67- Chicago- Just Say You'll Love Me
Track 68- Danity Kane- Stay With Me
Track 69- Linkin Park - Crawling
Track 70- Vanessa Carlton - More Than This
Track 71- The Dream- Falsetto
Track 72- Utada Hikaru - Drops
Track 73- Neyo - Make It Work

Track 74- Mirrors Edge- Still Alive
Track 75- Metal Gear- Calling To The Night
Track 76- Metal Gear- The Best is Yet

Track 77- Metal Gear- Sorrow
Track 78- Kelly Clarkson- Already Gone
Track 79- Aaliyah- The One I Gave My Heart To

Track 80- 1000 Words Orchestra Version NEW
Track 81- Morning Glow (Instrumental) NEW
Track 82- Celtic Woman NEW
Track 83- Linkin Park - My December
Track 84- Jay-z Girls NEW
Track 85- Broken Hearted - Boys II Men and Brandy NEW
Track 86- Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
Track 87- Pure Moods 3 - 16 Deliver Mey NEW